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Wendy Morgan

Sugar Daddy

Apr 6, 2021
98 mins
Sugar Daddy is about the unspoken journey a woman must take to find her voice. When we meet Darren, she’s a struggling musician who desperately wants to create the unconventional music she’s been dreaming up in her head. But she’s broke, juggling multiple part-time jobs, and something is holding her back that she isn’t ready to face yet. Desperate for cash, she signs up to a paid-dating website where rich older men pay to go on dates with younger women, and throws herself down a dark rabbit hole. As she learns to become a different woman for each man, she learns to become a different woman for the already sexualized music industry. But just when she starts to enjoy more financial freedom and her music takes a wickedly sharp and sardonic turn, Darren’s money making venture blows up in her face as it polarizes her friends, and deepens old wounds. She endures a brutal unraveling of self and is forced to confront the power she gives away to men. Sugar Daddy isn’t about a strong woman. It’s an uncompromising portrayal of the societal oppression a young woman has to navigate in order to awaken an authentic identity — a resurrection of self that is both radiant and revolting.


Kelly McCormack
Colm Feore
Amanda Brugel
Aaron Ashmore